Estate Jewelry is a popular term used to label jewelry that is pre-owned and has collectible value. It may be antique, period, or contemporary. Today, there are collectors of every style imaginable. Some pieces are prized for their age while others reflect trends of the past. Some collectors seek out certain designers while many simply love the beauty and craftsmanship of these antique treasures.

Money Mart Pawn & Jewelry prides itself on its estate jewelry expertise. We choose our inventory very carefully, one item at a time, concentrating on quality, rarity, condition, and value. Our jewelers possess the experience and techniques required in restoring and repairing old jewelry. Most of what we handle comes from estates and private individuals. Many people bring their best old items directly to us because we are known to specialize in fine antique and period jewelry. If you have old jewelry that you would like to sell, feel free to contact us.

Some Common Jewelry Styles:

  • Art Nouveau typically has flowing lines and highly stylized depictions of floral motifs, beautiful women, and fantasy creations inspired by nature.
  • Art Deco styles are inspired with bold and modernistic designs utilizing sharp lines, and striking color combinations.
  • Retro pieces are usually large and heavy designs in gold often with rubies and diamonds. Pink and “rose” gold were very popular during this period.
  • Period Jewelry is less than 100 years old, no longer made, and can be categorized by its specific style and quality of craftsmanship.
  • Collectible Jewelry has been recognized as desirable because it is sought after by certain individuals. It is not necessarily stylish, precious, or old and often certain designers or makers are considered collectible.