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Facebook is no longer simply a social networking site designed to stay up to date on the gossip and news of family and friends. Facebook is becoming a site where people can interact with their favorite brands. Whether it be, viewing a brand’s specials or entering online contests, customers are using Facebook to seek out brands and are leaving valuable feedback about their experiences. Like it or not, Facebook isn’t just for kids anymore.

According to recent statistics, more than 750 million people are active Face-
book users, with more than 1 billion expected to start sometime in 2013. Many of
these Facebook users are our customers and each and every one has the potential
to be! By building a good solid Facebook presence, we will have a direct line to existing and future customers.

What benefits are we afforded by this new Facebook push? For starters, we can receive immediate feedback from customers about their experiences at our store. The feedback may not always be positive, but it is vital to our development and growth. We can then devote our attention to any and all areas for which we need work. With that information and an honest desire to change, we can make sure every customer leaves our store having had a positive experience. The more we know about our customers, the better we can make their pawn shop ex- perience and cater our services toward their needs.

Sharing is Caring

How often do you use or purchase a brand or product based solely on a recommendation? The answer is almost always. The focus of our Facebook marketing will not only be on running specials and announcements but on con- tent sharing. We want potential customers to be drawn to our stores because of recommendations spawn from viral marketing.
Facebook users enjoy content sharing. Whether posting recent photos, updating their current locations, or gush- ing about a great restaurant they’ve recently tried, content sharing is the fastest and most inexpensive form of advertisement. Since social networking works to connect people to the those people, places, and things they love most, lets jump on this bandwagon and make a name for ourselves! Let our photos, updates, and user comments be the driving force of our viral advertising. Trustworthy recommendations have a proven stronger effect than normal advertising. The key to this untapped market is simply word-of-mouth.

So start promoting our Facebook page to our customers. Why wouldn’t you want them to know how great of a deal they can find on jewelry? Where else can they save so much on a big screen TV? Facebook is here to stay; if we want our customers to stay as well, we need to reach out to them in every facet available enabling them to have the best shopping experience possible.


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