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Since it’s initial release in November, 2006 the Sony Playstation 3 has sold over 30 million units, and this is one product that “one size fits all” doesn’t fit.

In less than three years the PS3 has seen no fewer than six interations, six models each as different as a snowflake. The following is a simple yet informative breakdown of the various units and their differences.

CECHB01 – November 2006

This was one of two first generation models of the PS3. Though containing the smallest harddrive (20gb) this system is not short on features and abilities. This system boasts a robust 4 USB ports and Blu-Ray Drive. Though this system does not have 802.11 b/g wireless capabilites or a built in flash card reader it makes up for these shortcomings with backward’s compatibility of both PS1 and PS2 games. This allows you to instantly have hundreds of titles available for purchase and play. Though this system is no longer in production it can often be found right here on eBay (Check our store: MoneyMartPawn). A simple identifier of this system is the lack of silver trim on the system.

CECHA01 – November 2006

The other launch system, this PS3 really pulls out all the stops with a bevy of bells and whistles. This system triples the capacity of the CECHB01 with it’s 60gb harddrive. While this system showcases everything it’s little brother offers (including backwards capability) what sets it apart is the wireless 802.11 b/g and flash card reader already installed. This is the system to own if you want wierless connectivity and complete backwards capabilities. This prized system is sought after by collectors and has fetched sale prices that rival even the newest PS3 systems.

CECHE01 – August 2007

The first of the second generation PS3 offered an additional 20 GB amping the total capacity to 80 GB. This system featured 4 2.0 USB slots, an 802.11b/g wireless adapted (built in) and unlike the two most recent models this system has a flash card reader. Note: This is the last PS3 system to have flash card reader capabilites. Though this system does have PS1 functionality – Sony opted for a softeware based compatibility and issues with PS2 play have been reported. We do not advise this sytem if your intention is to play PS2 games.

CECHG01 – October 2007

The second generation system continued Sony’s downgrading of the PS3 features and capabilities. While it does feature a 40 gb, the second smallest of all the models, it only features 2 (2.0) USB ports. Fortunately Sony has included the 802.11b/g wireless connectivity. Again there is no flash card reader built into the system. The one unique designation of this system is that it is the first to fuly offer the 65nm size cell/rsx chipset which runs more quietly and does not heat up as drastically or frequently.

CECHK01 – August 2008

THe first in the newest generation of PS3 systems, the CECHK01 offers an 80 gb hard drive and wireless connectivity (802.11 b/g). The memory card reader was taken out as well as 2 of the 2.0 USB ports (total of 2 on system). This system does feature the 65nm chipset thus giving a quieter hopefully longer life for the system.

CECHP01 November 2008

The most recent of PS3 systems, the CECHP01 offers the largest hard drive capacity (120 gb), wireless connectivitym and the quiet 65nm chipset. The system features 2 USB ports (2.0) but does not have PS2 playback capabilities.


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